Himbeer Golli

The Story of Himbeer Golli

Once upon a time, dwarves, fairies and forest spirits lived in the mountains and meadows in Obertilliach.

From time to time there were quite magnificent and wondrous creatures who roamed the forests.
Some were considered peaceful and often helped children when they needed it. Now many years have passed and it has become quiet in the forests and meadows.

Only hikers, skiers and cross-country skiers, as well as mountain bikers, berry and mushroom pickers, hunters and people who work in the forest, roam the area around Obertilliach.

And so it is also long ago that the following happened:

Arian was with his parents on a small, steep path above the Himbeergoll lift.
It was an extraordinarily hot summer's day and so they sought shade in the forest. They also had a basket with them to collect berries and mushrooms.

Little Arian especially loved the sweet strawberries and raspberries and loved picking a berry or two off the bushes.

But suddenly he stopped dead in his tracks. Frozen with shock, he pointed to a big, red ball that slowly moved.
"Mummy, daddy! Look!" shouted Arian excitedly as he thought he had found a football.
He brought his foot back to kick the ball – but oh wait, what was that?

The red ball moved towards him. Arian saw arms and legs and suddenly a face!
"Oh boy, oh boy!" cheered Arian in delight. He wanted to reach out and touch this giant berry.
Arian's parents came to his side and for a moment they, too, were speechless. They couldn't believe their eyes! In front of them actually stood a little creature just like in a fairy tale book. His body was as round as a ball and raspberry red – yes, he looked just like a big, living raspberry! His eyes glistened with fear and he trembled from head to toe.
"Pl...please, don't hurt me...!" whimpered the little berry and reached out his arms.
For a while the family could only stare in shock. When they realised how helpless the little sprite was, they felt sorry for him, sat down in the grass with Arian, comforted the young raspberry and asked him to tell them his story. And so their new acquaintance began to speak and tell his incredible tale.

He came from the raspberry family that lives in the sunny south and had lost his family after a terrible storm.
All alone, he set out on his journey: he crossed the Carnic mountains and could barely go any further. In the woods near the Gail River, he found some delicious berries. Slowly, he gained back his strength and the path led him up to the village.
Here it was so picture-perfect – there were no dangerous waves of water, it was quiet, not too hot and the forests were full of delicious mushrooms and berries.
At first he hid in the hay barns in the Tilliach fields and late each evening and early each morning he set out on the search for the perfect home.
He found a big, old tree stump near the Himbeergoll ski lift – it was perfect! Here he had stayed for many days and nights.
The family were so impressed and took "Himbeer Golli" (Himbeer is the German word for raspberry) as Arian called him back home with them, fed him and introduced him to the rest of the family.

But soon their flat became too small and so the family decided to build a family hotel with a place just for Himbeer Golli. He was so excited by the idea of being around so many children and promised to help build this hotel!

And ever since, this little raspberry has spent every day with the Scherer family. Everyone calls him Himbeer Golli and he is a little ray of sunshine at our hotel.

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