Culinary Philosophy

Culinary Philosophy

Tradition mixed with modern – in a whole new way

East Tyrolean cuisine – the heartiness of Tyrol and the wonderful Mediterranean influences of neighbouring Italy. This symbiosis of northern perfection and southern lightness offers the ideal basis for our unique alpine-Mediterranean cuisine.

For our kitchen team the art and challenge is in appreciating and enhancing the products without distorting them with unnecessary artificial ingredients. Thus great importance is placed on the use of fresh, seasonal and high-quality ingredients from the East Tyrol region and preparing them with light, gentle and proper cooking techniques. Plus the culinary creations should also reflect the concept of the hotel: "Modern and creative, but deeply rooted in our home." This is also true in the presentation of dishes.

A kitchen that understands how to combine the traditional with the modern in a whole new way: light, fresh and simply delicious.

We offer our executive chef's creations in a genuine and exciting flavour experience with great creative potential according to the motto "It has to be delicious".

Our cuisine combines the use of high-quality and seasonal products, preferably from East Tyrol, with creative, innovative and nutritionally contemporary preparation, as well as plenty of love and passion for the art of cooking itself.

Special mountain herbs, valuable oils and exclusive vinegars in combination with refined herbs and spices create a true explosion of flavours.

Our kitchen team especially want to spoil our young guests and make their every wish a reality. The foundations of our culinary philosophy play a decisive role in the selection of dishes here as well.


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