East Tyrol breakfast

A great breakfast buffet that reflects the East Tyrolean way of life

An extensive, balanced and relaxed breakfast with the whole family is important for both parents and children. Leave your daily routine behind, spend time with one another and get ready for a day full of adventure and fun. In the Almfamilyhotel, you get to know East Tyrol in a culinary manner. We choose our partners and suppliers carefully and make sure they’re just as passionate about their products as we are about our “East Tyrol breakfast”. This is something you can actually taste und is also reflected in the purity of the ingredients.
Breakfast area in a hotel

“Where kitchen chef and farmer still know each other”

The cows, goats and sheep in our region leave their winter stables when the snow has melted. From mid June to mid September they graze in the mountain pastures. Our farmers make use of their forefathers’ wisdom and grow traditional grains and fruit. This practice results in top-quality products with a rich taste. We label all products on the breakfast buffet, so that you know exactly what you get and where it comes from. If you are not staying at our hotel, please make a reservation for breakfast.

Always worth a visit
Situated at 1,450 m above sea level