Sensational culinary with a star

Masters of the art of cooking at the Almfamilyhotel Scherer

The best way to experience the cuisine at the Almfamilyhotel Scherer is to come and enjoy it yourself. Every dish is a poem, every ingredient a verse. The compositions full of flavour will even highly excite widely travelled gourmets.

Select breakfast buffet

The breakfast buffet makes for the perfect start to the day. From sweet to savoury, all dishes were carefully selected and the producers of the single products are personally known. So that you know what you choose and where it comes from, the different products are marked. Breakfast eggs that were collected from the straw just two hours before. Hay milk and yoghurt where you can taste the origin. Fruits ripe to the point. Hearty bacon from the farmer next door. Bread without additives. Taste a piece of paradise at the comprehensive breakfast buffet at the Almfamilyhotel Scherer in Obertilliach.

Gourmet menus for the young and old

In the evening, our star cook Thomas Ebner and his team reach their top form. 5 courses for the adults, 3 courses for the children. Every day new, exciting and diverse. Every course a work of art, in three ways: in quality, taste and look. Together, the ingredients, refined by professional hands, form a perfect symbiosis between tastes and textures.

The children’s menus fall in no way short of the adults’ menus. Compositions adapted to children’s palates already let the little ones get to know the world of haute cuisine. The completely blank plates couldn’t be a more honest feedback.

A further plus: All courses are served, rushes at the buffet are therefore something you won’t find at the restaurant of the Almfamilyhotel.

Our cook Thomas Ebner was awarded with a Michelin star and is the only cook in East Tyrol with this predicate. Cuisine on a toque level - this is unique in Obertilliach and in the whole state of East Tyrol.

Obligated to quality and origin

No product enters our kitchen by chance. This way you know exactly what is in our creations and what isn’t. Naturalness and original taste thanks to regionality and transparent origin are our first principle. Neither flavour enhancers nor conservatives can be found in our cuisine, but this is self-explanatory.

Let the unique enjoyments melt on your tongue and come to the Almfamilyhotel Scherer in East Tyrol yourself!

Always worth a visit
Situated at 1,450 m above sea level