Animals in the lobby of the Almfamilyhotel

Holidays with farm animals in Tyrol, Austria

How close we are to nature is obvious at the Almfamilyhotel Scherer. A part of it is the special animal area that is integrated in our lobby. Cute petting and farm animals can be watched, touched and fed there.

Peacock in the hotel area

Holidays with animals

Already at your arrival in the family hotel, our animal companions will cause an “aha” moment. You can see something moving and rustling: Right next to the hotel entrance there is an animal enclosure that is connected to the lobby. A hatch allows the animals to go inside and outside anytime. On the inside the animals can be watched by the hotel guests in an area shielded by a glass panel.

Close contact with the animals

Depending on the season, there will be different animals in the enclosure. Sweet ponies, scraggy sheep, goats with innocent eyes and cute rabbits or even proud peacocks will bustle in front of the guests. It is always a special experience for the kids and their parents to visit the animals in the hotel.

For most children it will be a highlight to marvel at real animals at close range. Your small and big kids will be excited! One visit of the animals will surely not be enough - but after all, your holidays have more than one day.

Look forward to cuddly, jolly, pleasant and relaxed moments in the holidays together with your loved ones. In the Almfamilyhotel Scherer your family dreams will come true. Plan the most beautiful time of the year now with a no-obligation enquiry to the family hotel in Tyrol!

Always worth a visit
Situated at 1,450 m above sea level