The Himbeergolli

The mascot of the Almfamilyhotel

The stories that are told in the Tyrolean Gailtal often revolve around dwarfs, fairies and tree spirits. They live in the meadows, in the ravines, near creeks and in the woods surrounding Obertilliach. They are wondrous and shy and now and then like to play a joke on people, but they are always peaceful. It is said that some even like to help children in need. They had not been seen for a long time, until one day Arian, the Scherer family’s son, met a real tree spirit in the forest. He was out looking for berries when he saw a big raspberry coloured “ball”. Taking a closer look, he realized that the “ball” had arms, legs and a face. The unexpected encounter gave both of them a fright, but then they quickly became friends. Arian called the tree spirit “Himbeergolli” after the German word for raspberry and invited him to come back home with him. Himbeergolli liked the Almfamilyhotel so much that he hasn’t left since and has become our mascot.

Our Mascot

Himbeergolli can be found all around the hotel. He often goes with his friends to the children’s mile at the Golzentipp. On Fridays, Himbeergolli comes to the Almfamilyhotel to have fun at the kids’ disco. There he dances the night away until he gets tired. But his favourite spot is the playground next to the hotel. Here, he romps around with his friend “Tilly”. Himbeergolli likes to see his older, but especially his younger guests happy and well. He lives by the words: “Start the day with a laugh and it will be a good day.” (Cicero)

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Always worth a visit
Situated at 1,450 m above sea level