The philosophy of the Almfamilyhotel

Regionalism and seasonality are the best ingredients

We believe that cooking as an art form is based on a simple challenge: appreciate each product for what it is and enhance it skilfully. That means avoiding artificial additives that only distort the flavour. A pure flavour can only be achieved with high-quality products. Therefore, the kitchen staff of the Almfamilyhotel place great importance on the use of fresh, seasonal and locally sourced premium products. It is vital that we know all producers personally - and therefore also know where the product comes from.

“Where hearty East Tyrol and Mediterranean Italy meet”

Head chef Thomas Ebner, sous-chef Tobias Schett and their team are passionate about their cuisine. They infuse the rich and hearty Tyrolean cuisine with lighter elements from Italy, our southern neighbour, to create their very own unmistakable Alpine-Mediterranean flavours. Gentle and proper cooking techniques are essential to the preparation of these high-quality products. The philosophy of the Almfamilyhotel - “modern and creative, but deeply rooted in our home” is reflected in the cuisine of our hotel.

Head chef Thomas Ebner is a certified master chef. He landed at the top of the renowned European cooking competition “Junge Wilde” (“young and wild”). His career path has taken him to New York, Ireland, Asia and South Tyrol. Here the chef from Obertilliach was awarded two toques by Gault Millau for his culinary expertise.

Indulge yourself at the Almfamilyhotel - and not just in the restaurant. We would love to make you a free offer.

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