Hotel right at the piste in East Tyrol, Austria

East Tyrol’s ski region for families - Obertilliach

Skifahren lernen ohne Quengeln und ohne Umstände: Im familienfreundlichsten Skigebiet Osttirols verdient der Familien-Skiurlaub seine Bezeichnung ganz zurecht. Während die Eltern auf der Piste sind oder auf der Terrasse einen Drink genießen, sind die Kleinen in Sichtweite in der Skischule gut aufgehoben. So kommt jeder auf seine Kosten, vom kleinsten Anfänger über den Wiedereinsteiger bis zum Profi. Pisten in allen Schwierigkeitsgraden von blau bis schwarz sorgen für einen gelungenen Skiurlaub.


From the hotel right to the training slope and back again

“I am cold, I am thirsty, I want something to eat”: Every parent can tell you a thing or two about it. When the little skiers express a need in the middle of the slope you do not need to worry as a guest at the Almfamilyhotel Scherer. Only a few metres down the slope there is already the hotel where the children’s bar waits for thirsty skiers. Refreshed and fortified the small ones are then ready to try the next exercise on the skis.

Ski holidays at the slope in East Tyrol

Being located next to the slope is half the battle. After all, no adult and certainly no child is excited about the prospect to walk a long way in the heavy ski boots. When you can reach the lift right from the ski cellar in your winter holidays and find yourself on the slope in no time, everything will be so much easier. In the best mood you enter the winter wonderland of the ski area Golzentipp. Right behind your hotel the Himbeergollift leads up the hill and via a flat slope the skiers slide back down right back to the hotel.

Ski school right next to the hotel

The skiing offspring is welcomed by cool ski instructors in the ski school right next to the hotel. Together the group practises “pizza” and “pommes” (terms for the position of the ski) until the little ones can go down the whole slope almost on their own. More information on the ski courses, the course times and groups can be found under: (in German)

A ski holiday right at the slope in the family-friendliest ski region of East Tyrol is a dream for families who want to spend their winter holidays. What are you waiting for? We look forward to your room reservation!

Always worth a visit
Situated at 1,450 m above sea level